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The Band


COLORWAVE is an over-the-limit-pop band influenced by groups like Paramore, Green Day and the Foo Fighters. In a heartbeat you will find yourself drawn into a rush of strong guitar riffs and pumping drums that will set the roof on fire.

After releasing their debut EP „Lighten the Shadows“ featuring the single “Colorblind” in 2015, COLORWAVE has recently released their succeeding record “Neon Veins“, on April 2nd 2016.

The five friends met at a Dutch university in 2013 where they discovered their common passion for pop-punk bands and soon started writing their own tunes.

They believe in the sense of community and that you can go beyond your own limits and overcome any obstacle with the help of your friends – just like drops of water, which together form a playful but strong wave!

We are young. We are powerful. We are COLORWAVE

“Yes! There are still some people making real music!”
– Ton Dijkman (Marco Borsato, Steve Lukather)

“This band will do great on festivalsstages!”
– Frank Satink (Goomah Music, Best Dutch Programmer 2015)

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